Add PEPPER to your RESUME and make it more SPICY

Common Mistakes Made While Writing Resumes

A typical job applicant always tries to mass mail his or her resume to many companies. This is one of the common mistake they make. One should not try to throw them into their job market and wish to get a job. Instead try to choose the company he or she wish to work and the position one aiming, and then prepare the resume targeting the corporate and the job.

About the covering letter, It should read like an executive summary. An executive summary provides an outline or the overview to the reader of a report. Do not be repetitive and try to give information that is not part of your resume. For example, you can elaborate your people skill, oratory or communication skill, or leadership skill that is a necessity for the job you are applying.

Try to get the interest of the hiring manager through your covering letter. Because it is through the first reading of the covering letter that the manager assesses the job applicant. Indeed, the covering letter, brings the curious manager to read the rest of resume with interest.

Items like personal information relating to physical characteristics, martial status, age, sex or religious affiliation have no place on a resume. Any thing that does not relate to your talent and experience only takes up valuable space-and possibly lessens your chances of getting in front of the interviewer. It is better not to download a resume from the internet or blindly copy anyone's.

Unless you differentiate with hundreds of other job applicants, your chance to create an outstanding impression and to get a job is slim. Create a customized resume for each company you approach and treat each resume as critical and as important to land in your desired job. You will be restricted by someone else's arrangement and not have a place or sufficient place to put in special items. Design your own resume and it should be neat, readable.