Add PEPPER to your RESUME and make it more SPICY

MobMe Recruits Fresh Graduates througn ResumePepper

"Passionate about technology?

Do you program as a hobby?

Addicted to solving intriguing problems?

We are on the lookout for smart developers, who are innovative and can learn fast. Knowing the difference between a semaphore and a monitor is fine, but what really matters is whether you can prove your mettle with practical problems. "

* We look out for strong programming skills. A good programmer in C/C++/Java will easily adapt to the languages and tools we use in-house. (Knowledge of PHP, Ruby, Python etc would be a bonus.

* Our production deployments and development machines almost always are Linux. A good knowledge of the command line, permission system is good enough.

* Be able to write lean SQL queries. Understanding internals and hands on experience with any one of mainstream databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2 or Oracle is an advantage.

Qualification :B.Tech/BCA/MCA/B.Sc(backlogs allowed)
Skills : C/C++/Java,PHP, Ruby, Python
Preferences : Posting in Kochi
Last Date : 20-December-2011